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Due to the large number of email requests for the A.C.E. packets it was decided that we place them on the web page for downloading. Everyone should be able to get their packets sooner this way than waiting for all the emails to be processed.

If you would like to start an A.C.E. Chapter in your area, or work with someone to start an A.C.E. Chapter, we encourage you to email Diana Miller at grandmadianawrites@gmail.com . Diana is our A.C.E. President who is currently taking on the project of developing a database of all those who are interested in A.C.E. If you send her your address she can tell you if there is an A.C.E. Chapter in your area. She could also tell you if anyone else in your area is interested in starting an A.C.E. Chapter and could work with you on this project.

Thank you for your interest in working to save our country.


Steve Trask for

Diana Miller


 Dear Loyal Americans,

Thank you for your concern for this nation, and your willingness to act upon that concern. Please read all materials, and we suggest that you print the document to help you organize a local A.C.E. chapter.

We thank you for your patience as we have been diligently working on the gathering of this information. Organizing an A.C.E. chapter is easy, enjoyable, and highly satisfying. We are hopeful for your comments on this packet.

We, the American people, ARE the American government, and we MUST remember our duties as free American people. Together, we CAN achieve this task, but only in a UNITED effort can this be accomplished. We are ready. Are you?

The primary mission of National A.C.E. is to serve the needs of A.C.E. chapters. To provide suggestions and educational materials for your efforts to educate the American public on Constitutional rights and laws, and also globalists' charters, networks, partnerships, and missions to dismantle the Constitutional laws and sovereignty of the United States. Our mission is education - nationwide education.

We look forward to raising chapters in every city and burg across all 50 states. It's time that Americans took their duties of citizenship most seriously, and together, united for freedom and the original intention of the Constitution, we will peacefully reclaim our country. We look forward to each and every A.C.E. member and chapter - those willing Americans who care enough to roll up their sleeves for the saving of this nation.

Yours in mission, and may God bless America,

Richard Abraham, Founding President

National A.C.E. Headquarters 



The following downloads contain information for those who are interested in starting an A.C.E. Chapter in their community.  If you do not have a program to read pdf files you may go to Adobe Reader and download if for free.

A.C.E. Packet Downloads

This 24 page packet is for those interested in starting an A.C.E. Chapter. 

Starting an A.C.E. Chapter
This 60 page packet contains information and links relevant to A.C.E. (depending on your connection this could take a few minutes)

A.C.E. Information




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